Bitcoin Crash 2021

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Are we at the start of a Bitcoin Crash and if so, when will it end? I have written this article as an opinion piece so although I did not cite sources you are encouraged to do your own DD (Due Diligence) and we welcome you to post your own thoughts and views.

Will Bitcoin Crash in 2021? Will it trigger an even bigger Crypto Crash?

Here is the current price today!

On 4/17/2021, We at Zeroverse decided to purchase the domains and

Was this foresight of something to come? A lucky guess or possible outcome based on analyzing all the available information and past trends? Probably all of the above. I could go on about the...

A. 4 Year bitcoin halving or crash trend

B. In flux of young investors new to the volatility of cryptocurrencies who panic sell.

C. Large Institutional investors who may decide to sell huge shares all at once.

D. Retail Investors who set their stop losses to lets say 25%.

There are many more signs but from someone who has seen other bubbles form it is an easy educated guess that the fascination with cryptocurrency in 2021 was reaching a peak and with the right conditions could make a steep descent.

The Elon Musk tweets, Saturday Night Live appearance and decisions with Tesla first agreeing to accept the use of Bitcoin to purchase a Tesla Vehicle then backing out due to environmental concerns was a possible negative catalyst. There is also no denying that a Bitcoin does take 10 minutes to mine across all the worlds computers so energy consumption is part of the proof of work method and is very costly. Many will say that they mine bitcoin while heating their home so it's not a waste.

People were basically assured that Bitcoin could be a viable currency when Tesla accepted payments and you could buy Mavericks gear with Dogecoin. We even saw a crypto exchange named Coinbase ($COIN) conduct a direct listing which allowed the public to purchase shares of stock. At that same time Bitcoin reached a new ATH (All Time High) at over 63k.

Some saw this as a good sign marking the emergence of cryptocurrency center stage ushering in a higher level of legitimacy while others contemplated negative effects and began considering it the beginning of the end. Coinbase stock continued to fall as investors believed that competition would drive coinbase to offer discounted transaction fees which account for most of their income. At one point, Chinese investors sold off large amounts of shares when US threatened to investigate cryptocurrency transactions used fraudulently. A small crash occurred over a weekend and Dogecoin began its ascent to new heights at first as a refuge for falling bitcoin prices then as a money making alternative that almost felt immune from the ups and downs of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies going from .05 to over .60in a short time as celebrities continued to pump up Dogecoin and others flooded the internet with Memes.

Fast forward a bit and next thing you know, news rolls out that the SEC is concerned with lack of regulations in the crypto exchanges at which point Coinbase responds that they are open to talks.

Cryptocurrencies are traded 24/7 including over the weekend as opposed to the US stock markets which are only open from 9:30am-4pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday. US Markets also have mechanisms in place to limit volatility and safeguards against a market crash unlike cryptocurrency exchanges which only seem to limit trading when the platform itself crashes preventing mass buying or sell offs.

People begin to question how there is no top to bitcoin but there is also no bottom. We started hearing that Bitcoin is a store of value like gold and it is a safer and a better alternative to the the US Dollar. When I hear things like this and I take it as a declaration of war between Bitcoin, Gold and the US Dollar and I think to myself what will the response will be.

I have to admit that I have sensed an impending crash for months, I felt that as of May 2021 a drop to 44k was imminent and a fall to 37k would trigger more stop losses eventually leading to bitcoin settling between 25-33k and trading sideways for an extended amount of time. Price may continue to rise steadily again pushing resistance levels back to 50k but I feel another big drop below multiple support levels will occur by the end of this year. This is my personal opinion and everyone is welcome to their own. I am not posting charts, graphs, or citing sources because again...this article is my personal opinion and meant for informational purposes. I am not a financial advisor, I am currently not invested in any cryptocurrencies, and I am not being paid to view these opinions.

As a member of Zeroverse I believe in increasing inner strength, self reliance, being courageous in the face of fear and adapting to all survival situation including social economic events. I believe that being aware of what is happening, reading articles, educating yourself and forming a plan creates a higher percentage of success. I encourage you to read more and don't just stop here.

If you invested in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and the crash continues don't feel bad for panic selling because you wanted to retain profits. If you bought some put option at the right time or call options for when the price rises again then that's a choice that may or may not pay off. Maybe you moved profits over to Ethereum or Cardano as an alternative to bitcoin. Many believe Cryptocurrency to be the future and I cannot confirm nor deny that claim but my personal choice is to avoid the risk all together and invest in physical gold and silver.

Stocks and Cryptocurrencies are investments best invested with money you are not afraid to lose, meaning I would not gamble with the money needed for rent or living expenses so don't risk it with stocks and crypto currency. Always try to be aware of the risk versus the reward and do not stress over the outcome should it turn out to be negative.

Thank you for reading this article and if you would like to show us some support and help us grow by reaching more people than please share this article and/or browse our store and support us by purchasing one of our many products. Thank you for your valuable time!

-Delmar Medina

Zeroverse Contributor

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