About Us and Our Mission

Formed by it's creator Delmar Medina back in 2001 while enlisted in the United States Marine CorpsZeroverse initially began its start as a concept and was printed onto stickers in order to build the brand.

In 2003, Zeroverse Design was created and thus began our start in commerce providing graphic design services and screenprinting. 

Flash forward close to a 20 years later after several wars, banking and market crashes, pandemics, etc. We have once again re-emerged in order to meet the demand for supply chain fulfillment including personal protective equipment (PPE), Survival Information and to help those who are on the front lines both foreign and domestic. 

By purchasing our products, a percentage of each sale goes directly towards causes that help meet demands necessary for our first responders to stay healthy while providing much needed services and for our veterans who have put in their time and need assistance.

We also strive to keep things MADE IN THE USA. While some companies look to other countries in order to make their products cheap we are focused on contributing to the US economy and put people ahead of profit.

                                                                               - Delmar Medina

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